Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans

Terms and Conditions

1. Mobile broadband data contracts are available as either a Contract or Top Up option billable monthly.

2. Mobile broadband data contracts are available as either a new contract or as an upgrade.

3 Mobile broadband contracts will be subject to standard credit vetting rules

4. Mobile broadband data contracts prices are SIM only but deals including modems, routers and tablets will be made available via sales channels and Service Providers.

5. Mobile broadband data contracts are available via all service providers

6. Mobile broadband data contracts may have a term of 12, 24 or 36 month and upgrade or renewal is possible in month  10 (12 month contract), 22 (24 month contract) or month 34 (36 month contract) of the contract term.

7. Mobile broadband data contract pricing includes VAT.

8. Night Owl data is included for the postpaid mobile broadband contracts and is available for use between 00h00 to 05h00.

9.  This Agreement will start on the activation date and, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall continue for the initial period.  After the initial period this Agreement will automatically continue on a month to month basis subject to any changes which we have notified you of unless you or Vodacom terminate it on at least 20 (twenty) business days written notice.

10.  Despite rule 9, you may terminate this Agreement during the Initial contract period or the Renewal/upgrade period by giving Vodacom at least 20 (twenty) business days’ notice in writing. If you do choose to terminate this Agreement during the Initial Period or a Renewal Period, you will be subject to payment of a reasonable premature cancellation charge, determined by Vodacom, and you will have to pay all outstanding amounts in respect of the Services and/or Apparatus related to the Services. A reasonable premature cancellation charge for the purposes of this clause shall mean 75% of the balance of your contract. The balance of your contract is your monthly subscription amount times by the remaining months of your contract. Any amounts outstanding to Vodacom will also be added to the cancellation cost.

11.  After the initial contract period, the contract will continue on a month-to-month basis.

12. A discount that has been applied to the subscription amount will be forfeited after the contractual period and the customer will pay the full subscription amount after the contract reaches its expiry date. This price will be applicable until the contract is terminated or the customer upgrades or migrates to another contract or price plan.

13. Customers will be charged for the volume of data sent and received, and not the time spent connected

14.  Customers with a mobile broadband data contract will not be able to purchase mobile internet monthly recurring data bundles.

15.  Customers with a mobile broadband data contract will only be able to purchase mobile broadband Once-Off data bundles.

16.  Mobile broadband Once-Off bundles will be available through the following self-service channels using the number of the price plan as the login or initiator of the service. 

Self-Service Channels

MyPhone *135#

MyVodacom App &

Customer Care 082135

Vodacom Shops


17. Existing Mobile Broadband price plans will have the following rates applicable. SMS messages are charged at R0.80c during peak times R0.35c during off-peak times. MMS messages are charged at R0.80c per 300KB during both peak and off-peak times. Respective SMS & MMS bundled rates apply if applicable.

18. Existing Mobile Broadband data price plans are voice capable and the following rates apply (incl. VAT). 

Call Rates Per Minute for Mobile broadband data contracts

Payment Type









Per Minute




Top Up




Per Second




 19. New Mobile Broadband data price plans effective from the 6th August 2021 will have the following rates applicable:

Mobile Broadband Data Price Plans


Price Plan

Local/National SMS per 160 characters

International SMS per 160 characters

Out of bundle MMS per 300KB

National Out of Bundle Voice rate (ANAT)-Per Minute

All General Service,All VANS operators - Per Minute

Directory Enquiries - Per Minute

MBB Post-Paid and Hybrid

250MB Data Contract







500MB Data Contract

1GB Data Contract

2GB Data Contract

3GB Data Contract

5GB Data Contract

10GB Data Contract

20GB Data Contract

30GB Data Contract

50GB Data Contract

Data carry over

Up to 60 days/end of next calendar month

Including VAT

Per second billing

20. No voice bundle purchases will be permitted on the new data price plans.

21. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.

22. The following categories shall be excluded from all Voice/SMS bundles and shall be charged for at the current prevailing price plan rate, unless otherwise indicated:

i. International calls

ii. Premium rated calls

iii. Roaming services

iv. Premium rated IVR

v. Premium rated Dicon

vi. Special Short Codes

vii. Video IVR

viii. International VAS and Premium services

ix. Travel Talk

x. Conference Calls

xi. Call Sponsor (sponsored calls are charged at the sponsored party’s prevailing price plan rate)

23. The monthly price and data allocation will be pro-rated for the first month of the contract where the contract is taken out in the middle of a calendar month. Thereafter the full bundle allocation will take place on the 1st of every consecutive calendar month.


24. Standard upgrade and migration rules will apply. If a customer migrates to a lower priced mobile broadband contract, the customer will be charged a downward migration fee as per existing Vodacom policies. Any applicable discounts may be lost when doing a migration to a new price plan.     

25. Migrations will be pended until the end of the month and the new price plan will only take effect at the beginning of the next calendar month.

Carry-over, order of consumption and validity

26. The data bundle expiry date for the mobile broadband data contracts will be valid for up to 60 days or until the last day of the following calendar month. If the data bundle is depleted all data usage will be stopped by default. Subscribers will only be able to use data at out of bundle rates if they have opted in to current out-of-bundle data charges. If a MBB data bundle expires before the allocation is depleted, data usage will continue at the current applicable OOB rate. Mobile
 broadband Once-Off bundles can be purchased to add additional data before month end. 

27. Vodacom data bundles follow a FIFO (First In First Out) order of consumption. All data used will be applied first against oldest active carried over unused bundled thereafter against the most recent allocation of bundles.

28. You may transfer Bundles to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details.

29. Bundle Rollover: You can extend the validity period of additional bundles you initially purchased (the “Initial Bundles”) by purchasing additional bundles of the same size (the “Additional Bundles”) before the Initial Bundle has expired. The purchase of the Additional Bundles will result in the validity period being extended and calculated for the date that you purchased the Additional Bundles.