Pay Once Prepaid Data Bundles

1.  With our Pay Once Prepaid data bundles, you can forget the hassle of having to buy data bundles every month. You can pay upfront and get allocated bundles every month either 3, 6, or 12 months.

Monthly Bundle Size

Total Months of Allocation

Monthly Bundle Validity

Total Allocated Data



6 months

60 days




60 days

1 500



60 days

3 000



12 months

60 days

12 288



60 days

24 756



60 days

61 440

R1 999


60 days

122 880

R2 499

2.     Pay-Once data bundles are not available to Contract Customers

3.     Pay-Once data bundles are available to Prepaid and Hybrid customers

4.     The first of the data bundle allocations will be loaded on the date of purchase of the bundle. Customers will receive an SMS confirming the allocation of the first of the data bundles.

5.     Subsequent data bundle allocations will be applied every 30 days after the initial allocation

6.     Once allocated each data bundle is valid for 60 days

7.     The bundles are limited to one Pay Once data bundle per SIM card or MSISDN

8.     It is possible to purchase other additional once-off data bundles when a Pay Once data bundle is active

9.     It is possible to purchase a pay once bundle, and concurrently opt-in to a recurring data bundle

10.  When a customer migrates from Prepaid/Hybrid  to Post-paid the customer will forfeit the Pay Once bundles

11.  Vodacom reserves the right to suspend the Service in the event of suspected abuse or fraudulent usage, outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non-commercial use.

12.  Vodacom reserves the right to limit the Service in regions or areas where there is limited network capacity (high congestion) in order to maintain consistent quality of service.

13.  Vodacom reserves the right to alter or terminate the Service in order to prevent a catastrophic impact on the network.

14.  While Vodacom will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Service, it does not commit to the uninterrupted supply of the Service, due to potential capacity limitations on the network.

15.  15 Vodacom reserves the right to suspend, cancel or convert the Service with reasonable notice.

16.  Vodacom reserves the right to change and/ or expand on these terms and conditions and will provide reasonable notice of any material changes prior to such change as and when the circumstances permit.